Contact Us

If we can help you in any way, please email or call us:

President: Philip Challen, Little River Wines 03 57747644
Vice-President: Brian Horskins, Barwite Vineyards 0413 135 433
Secretary: Ros Ritchie, Ros Ritchie Wines 03 5779 1819 or 0448 900 541
Public Officer: Lorna Gelbert, Buxton Ridge 03 5774 7127
Treasurer: Jim Fitzgerald, Stonehill Vineyard 03 5777 3210
North Eastern Sub Region Chairperson: Malcolm Kinloch, Kinloch Wines 03 5777 3447
South Western Sub Region Chairperson: Dean Whiteman, Yea Valley Vineyard 0409 063 746

MAIL ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO: Secretary, PO Box 210, Mansfield, Victoria 3724


New Members are invited to contact the Secretary for an application form


FOR MEMBERS OF THE UPPER GOULBURN WINEGROWERS ASSOCIATION ONLY: Please update or submit your website listing/amendments to Susan (,